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2011 GOP primary debate in Spartanburg, South Carolina, on Foreign Policy

The debate, held by CBS News and The National Journal, was the first to focus exclusively on foreign policy and national security.

Held at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Moderated by Scott Pelley of CBS News and Major Garrett of National Journal.

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
Foreign Policy
    Jon Huntsman: 80 million bloggers in China will take China down.
    Rick Perry: China will end up on the ash heap of history, like USSR.
Free Trade
    Mitt Romney: Trade with China only if they follow international rules.
    Mitt Romney: Go to WTO about China; we're already in a trade war.
Homeland Security
    Herman Cain: Trust military to determine torture; waterboarding is not.
    Jon Huntsman: Waterboarding is torture & diminishes our standing in world.
    Michele Bachmann: Waterboarding is effective; don't let the ACLU run the CIA.
    Rick Santorum: Giving money to Iran rebels is not enough.
    Ron Paul: Waterboarding is torture: illegal, uncivilized, and immoral.
    Mitt Romney: China must respect intellectual property if they want trade.
    Rick Perry: Stand up cyber-command against China's cyber-crime.
War & Peace
    Herman Cain: Economic sanctions on Iran, but no military.
    Mitt Romney: If we reelect Barack Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon.
    Mitt Romney: Crippling sanctions against Iran, & military, to stop nukes.
    Newt Gingrich: Covert operations & military, if needed, to stop Iran nukes.
    Rick Perry: Shut down the Iranian Central Bank to stop nukes.
    Rick Perry: Complete the mission in Afghanistan, with no timetable.
    Rick Santorum: Afghanistan victory means Taliban is neutered, not wiped out.
    Rick Santorum: Work with Israel to take out Iranian nukes by force.
    Ron Paul: No war propaganda against Iran; learn from Iraq.

The above quotations are from 2011 GOP primary debate in Spartanburg, South Carolina, on Foreign Policy.

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