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Books by and about 2016 presidential candidates
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Crippled America ,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)
American Dreams,
by Marco Rubio (2015)
Taking a Stand,
by Rand Paul (2015)
by Scott Walker (2013)
A Time for Truth,
by Ted Cruz (2015)
One Nation,
by Ben Carson (2014)
Trump/Pence vs. Clinton/Kaine On the Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Living History ,
by Hillary Rodham Clinton (2003)
Between Hope and History ,
by Bill Clinton (1996)
In Harmís Way ,
by Dr. Jill Stein (2000)
Democrat vs. Republican vs. Green vs. Libertarian,
Four Party's Presidential Nominees On The Issues (2016)
Books by and about 2012 presidential candidates
Ten Letters
about Pres. Barack Obama (2011)
Do Not Ask What Good We Do
about Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)

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Trump Cabinet members actions and issues

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    Articles by/on Trump Cabinet members:
  • State: Tyler (TX) Morning Telegraph, "US withdrawing from INF treaty with Russia," by Deb Riechmann, Robert Burns and Matthew Lee, 12/1/2019
  • DNI: Annual Threat Assessment, report to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, by Director Dan Coats, January 29, 2019
  • Commerce: Fox News, "'New space race' could yield $1 trillion industry: Wilbur Ross," by Thomas Barrabi, 11/29/2018
  • Commerce: New York Magazine, "Memo Contradicts Ross's Rationale for Adding Citizenship Question to Census", by Eric Levitz. Sept. 18, 2018
  • Treasury: The New York Times, "The Trump Administration Mulls a Unilateral Tax Cut for the Rich", by Alan Rappeport & Jim Tankersley, 7/30/2018
  • Commerce: The Washington Post, "Trump officials weigh limits on uranium," by Steven Mufson, 7/18/2018
  • Treasury: The New York Times, "How Mnuchin Keeps a Steady Grip in a Tug of War on Trade", by Alan Rappeport, 6/3/2018
  • Commerce: Reuters, "U.S. launches auto import probe against China", by David Shepardson & Jeff Mason, 5/23/2018
  • Treasury: Reuters, "U.S. Treasury's Mnuchin at G20 emphasize free trade, reciprocal terms: official" by David Lawder, 3/19/2018
  • DOT: The Washington Examiner, "Environmental permitting reform will spur 'ready' infrastructure projects", by Josh Siegel, 3/1/2018
  • ED: Military Times, "DeVos backs school choice proposal for military children," by Maria Danilova, 2/22/2018
  • Treasury: CNBC, "Mnuchin asks Congress 'to look at' gun violence after shooting", by Jacob Pramuk, 2/15/2018
  • DOT: The Intercept, "Mitch McConnell & Elaine Chao Shrouded In Offshore Tax Haven," by Lee Fang & Spencer Woodman, 2/5/2018
  • DVA: Stars and Stripes, " Shulkin: law makes marijuana too difficult to study ", by Nikki Wentling, 1/19/2018
  • Treasury: The Washington Examiner, " Mnuchin: ObamaCare individual mandate repeal not a bargaining chip, " by Naomi Lim, 11/19/2017
  • DVA: Washington Examiner, "Shulkin: Fixing VA 'a matter of national security'", by Sarah Westwood, 11/17/2017
  • DOT: Transport Topics, "Tax Reform First, Then Infrastructure," by Eugene Mularo, 10/23/2017
  • Treasury: CNBC, "'It's very hard not to give tax cuts to the wealthy,' Steven Mnuchin now says", by John Harwood, 10/18/2017
  • Commerce: Washington Examiner, " Tax reform priority is a little bit of redistribution," by Joseph Lawler, 7/22/2017
  • Commerce: Washington Blade, "Commerce Dept. omits, restores LGBT people in non-discrimination policy." by Chris Johnson, 6/16/2017
  • USDA: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Sonny Perdue's surprising role in saving NAFTA", by Greg Bluestein, April 28, 2017
  • ED: Mother Jones, "Devos wants to use America's schools to build 'God's Kingdom'," by Kristina Rizga, Mar/Apr 2017 issue
  • Treasury: The Guardian (UK), "Mnuchin: Trump will not cut social security and Medicare 'entitlements'," 2/26/2017
  • DVA: NPR Morning Edition, "Hiring Freeze and Obamacare repeal could clobber VA," by Quil Laurence, 1/25/2017
  • USDA: Rewire.news, "Anti-Choice Sonny Perdue Selected for Agriculture Secretary," by Ally Boguhn, January 19, 2017
  • DOT: The Washington Post, "Chao emphasizes private funds for transportation fixes," by Michael Laris and Ashley Halsey III, 1/11/2017
  • ED: NEA Today, "DeVos: Dangerous for Students and the Promise of Public Education," by John Rosales, 1/11/2017
  • Commerce: CNBC, "Healthy Gen Y-ers won't buy Obamacare," ,y Matthew J. Belvedere, 10/18/2013
  • DOT: NPR.org, "For Elaine Chao, A Tough Voyage To U.S. Leadership," by Michael Martin, 7/18/2012
  • USDA: Fastcase.com, "Guns Banned from Georgia Airport, For Now", July 1, 2008
  • USDA: Law.com, "Perdue vows special session on gay marriage if appeal slowed," May 17, 2006

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Scott Pruitt: Double headline - Already Done.
Budget & Economy
    Larry Kudlow: FactCheck: No, deficit is increasing with Trump tax cuts.
    Linda McMahon: Reduce financial regulations so small businesses get capital.
    Wilbur Ross: SEC investigating insider trading "short sale" of oil stock.
Civil Rights
    Jeff Sessions: 1986: Lost appointment for racially insensitive comments.
    Linda McMahon: Longtime advocate for women in leadership and business.
    Betsy DeVos: Rescind "weaponized" use of sexual misconduct accusations.
    Ben Carson: Scrap HUD tool for racial discrimination in public housing.
    Betsy DeVos: Served as chairman of investment firm The Windquest Group.
    Daniel Coats: Pro-growth economic policies to put Americans back to work.
    Jeff Sessions: Establishment conservative: opposed 2008 bank bailouts.
    Linda McMahon: Give entrepreneurs the tools they need to start & succeed.
    Linda McMahon: Grew WWE from 13-person company to 800 employees worldwide.
    Mick Mulvaney: Ran family real estate business & family restaurant.
    Steve Mnuchin: Partner at Goldman-Sachs; board member at three art museums.
    Wilbur Ross: 55 years of investment banking and private equity experience.
    Wilbur Ross: Privatization adviser to New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
    Elaine Chao: Public-private partnerships for innovating on infrastructure.
    Betsy DeVos: Require cross-examination of victims of sexual harassment.
    Ben Carson: Carson Scholars Fund: $7M in scholarships.
    Betsy DeVos: Mother was public school teacher; Betsy was in-school mentor.
    Scott Pruitt: Evolution is unproven theory.
Energy & Oil
    Rex Tillerson: At Exxon, rose from production engineer to president.
    Ryan Zinke: Increase coal, oil & gas mining access at National Monuments.
    Ryan Zinke: Public lands opened for private company energy development.
    Rick Perry: Simultaneous economic growth & environmental protection.
    Ryan Zinke: End ban on lead bullets & fishing tackle in wildlife refuges.
    Sonny Perdue: Responsibility is to leave the land better than we found it.
    Mick Mulvaney: You can't drain the swamp and leave all the people in it.
Families & Children
    Rex Tillerson: National President of the Boy Scouts from 2010 to 2012.
Foreign Policy
    Daniel Coats: Criticizes government censorship & social controls in China.
    Daniel Coats: China holds 1M Muslims in "patriotic re-education" camps.
Free Trade
    Sonny Perdue: Promote agricultural interests to international markets.
    Sonny Perdue: Tariffs on China are painful now, but healthy later.
    Steve Mnuchin: Free market proponent but tariffs OK to reduce trade deficit.
    Steve Mnuchin: 3-part agenda: tax & regulatory relief; free & fair trade.
    Steve Mnuchin: Free markets YES, but U.S. needs balanced trade agreements.
Gun Control
    Steve Mnuchin: Gun violence is tragedy and policy needs to be addressed.
Health Care
    Steve Mnuchin: Repeal ObamaCare individual mandate for middle class tax cut.
    Tom Price: Premise of ObamaCare is that Washington knows best.
    Tom Price: Practicing orthopedic surgeon before entering politics.
Homeland Security
    Daniel Coats: 1980s & 1990s: strengthen our national defense and security.
    Rick Perry: 1970s: flew C-130 tactical airlift aircraft in Air Force.
    Sonny Perdue: Food security is a key component of national security.
    David Shulkin: Largest modernization effort at VA in decades.
    Elaine Chao: Immigrated to America at age 8; gained citizenship at age 19.
Principles & Values
    Daniel Coats: Founded charity, The Foundation for American Renewal.
    Mick Mulvaney: Lifelong Carolinas resident; graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill.
    Mick Mulvaney: Founding member of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Mission.
    Rick Perry: Longest-serving governor In Texas history.
    Tom Price: Accused of insider trading; resigned due to travel expenses.
Social Security
    Steve Mnuchin: Focus of Presidential budget is not cutting entitlements.
Tax Reform
    Larry Kudlow: Never believe the CBO: tax cuts will not increase deficit.
    Steve Mnuchin: Implemented Trump's "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act".
    Steve Mnuchin: Bypassing congress to cut taxes on capital gains possible.
    Steve Mnuchin: Mathematically impossible to avoid tax cuts on wealthy.
    Elaine Chao: Specialized in transportation financing in private sector.
War & Peace
    James Mattis: Led Marines in Iraq, Afghanistan, and overall Mideast.
    James Mattis: Resigns in wake of announcement of withdrawal from Syria.
    James Mattis: Keep U.S. troops in Syria indefinitely to defeat ISIS.
    Nikki Haley: Military action & sanctions against Syrian chemical weapons.
    John Bolton: Abrogate the Iran nuclear deal; encourage Israel to attack.
    Mike Pompeo: Negotiate from strength to denuclearize North Korea.
Welfare & Poverty
    Elaine Chao: Restored trust as CEO of United Way of America.
    Larry Kudlow: Be tougher on spending, including entitlement reform.
    Ben Carson: Eliminate income-based rent increases in public housing.
    Ben Carson: Cycle people up and out of public housing developments.

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