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Market-led recovery better than stimulus

Q: Do you agree or disagree with the statement, "Stimulus better than market-led recovery"?

CASTLE: Strongly Disagree.

Source: 2016 email interview with OnTheIssues on presidential race , Oct 29, 2016

End the Federal Reserve

I would end the Federal Reserve's control of the United States' monetary system by repealing the Federal Reserve Act. Interest rates would no longer be tampered with, as lenders and borrowers would set their own rates. I would remind the banks that there would no longer be a Federal Reserve to lend to them in an emergency so if a bank gets in trouble, it's on its own. Then I would let the American people know that they are now free to use whatever currency they want. The dollar would again be exchangeable for a fixed quantity of gold and the U.S. Treasury would now accept any major currency, including bitcoin, in payment of taxes. As a result, the country would return to a traditional and sensible money system so people could decide for themselves what kind of money they wanted to use. They could save it, spend it, or put any price they wanted on it if they wanted to lend it out.
Source: 2016 Presidential campaign website castle2016.com , Oct 9, 2016

Lower taxes, lower regulations, and lower spending

Q: What steps would you take as president to solve America's economic woes?

A: I'd institute lower taxes, lower regulations on employment, and reductions in government spending. I'm also calling for an end to the Federal Reserve and a return to currency backed by gold.

Source: 2016 Presidential campaign website castle2016.com , Oct 9, 2016

Don't bailout financial giants; just let them fail

Q: What would you do if or when the derivatives bubble burst?

A: That's a good question. It sounds kind of terrible, but probably nothing. In other words, I think what we did in 2008 was a horrible mistake. What we got out of it was $20 trillion in debt. My philosophy: let failing companies fail. There's no such thing as "too big to fail". Let them fail; that's creative destruction. Newer faster banks will come along, younger banks. And they'll stop doing this. As a result, the system is flushed, cleaned out. Bailouts need to stop and these companies need to start operating on a real, genuine free market system where there's no one there to catch them when they fall.

Q: Do you think the derivatives market should be regulated again?

A: Yes. I think there are far too many regulations and some of them should be stripped away from American business so that they can hire people again, but at this point, I don't see any way to avoid regulating it, yes.

Source: Huffington Post on 2016 Presidential hopefuls , May 25, 2016

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