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Joe Schiavoni: $100M to address water quality with sewer improvements

Senate Minority Leader Joe Schiavoni introduced Senate Joint Resolution 4 (SJR 4), a bipartisan resolution to address water quality issues and create jobs throughout Ohio. The resolution would permit the state to issue bonds for sewer and water capital improvements for municipal corporations, counties, townships and other governmental entities. The resolution is identical to Senator Schiavoni's widely supported Senate Joint Resolution 3, which received hearings--but no vote--in the 131st General Assembly.

If Ohio voters approve this resolution, the General Assembly would be able to authorize up to $100 million per fiscal year over a 10-year period for sewer and water capital improvements, for a total investment of $1 billion. This plan would not raise taxes.

"Ohio's underground infrastructure is deteriorating rapidly," said Leader Schiavoni. "Current funding sources cannot keep up with the rising costs of critical infrastructure maintenance and upgrades.."

Source: on Pennsylvania voting record SJR4 Mar 2, 2017

Dwight Evans: Government should promote locally raised food

Nationally, there is a movement toward consuming locally raised foods. Examples of policies to promote local food sources include:
Source: 2016 Pennsylvania House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Dwight Evans: More urban trees; more urban parks

Clean air, room to run, space to think--people need these things, too, to lead and happy and productive lives. Our cities need to be places full of these opportunities, as well. Here's what Dwight Evans thinks we can do:
Source: 2016 Pennsylvania House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Brendan Boyle: Member of the "Green Dog" Caucus of environmentalists

I am proud to have a 100% pro-environment voting record (source Sierra Club and Clean Water Action, 2012). For my entire legislative career, I have been a member of the "Green Dog" Caucus, a group of the most environmentally conscious legislators. It is time for Congress to wake up and make protecting the environment a national priority.
Source: 2014 Pennsylvania House campaign website, Oct 10, 2014

Katie McGinty: Chaired Pres. Clinton's Council on Environmental Quality

Former Vice President Al Gore waded into the Pennsylvania governor's race Wednesday, endorsing Katie McGinty in the crowded Democratic primary. McGinty worked with Gore when she served the Clinton White House as chairwoman of the Council on Environmental Quality, as well as a staffer for then-Sen. Gore and his 2000 presidential campaign.

"I strongly endorse Katie McGinty for governor," Gore said in a statement released by McGinty's campaign. "She shares my belief that we can build a better country and improve the lives of hard-working families. Katie has always viewed environmental challenges as economic opportunities. She knows how to create jobs--while protecting the environment. And she has the intellect, leadership skills, and optimistic, can-do attitude to build a better and more prosperous Pennsylvania."

Aside from a five-year stint atop the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, McGinty's political resume draws largely from her work with Gore and in the White House.

Source: on 2014 Pennsylvania governor race Feb 20, 2014

Tom Corbett: End the inheritance tax on family farm land

Our agriculture exports now approach $1.7 billion dollars annually. Farming in Pennsylvania is a business but it remains, inherently, a family business. Centuries ago families who left their native countries began farming the fields of William Penn's colony. Today, their descendants do the same. Every time a plow cuts into the soil of Pennsylvania, it deepens the roots of our heritage. We must keep it that way.

That is why we worked together last year to end the inheritance tax on family farm land. The value of land for housing and commercial centers is very high. The value of the tradition and contribution of agriculture on that same land is beyond calculation. No farming family should have to bury their father or mother and their way of life at the same time. Nor should we lose our farm land to uncontrolled development. That is why my budget contains more than $35 million dollars to fund the nation's best farmland preservation program.

Source: 2013 State of the State speech to Pennsylvania Legislature Feb 5, 2013

Tom Corbett: PA rivers are precious for generating many jobs

If our country is a living body, these rivers are its veins. They connect our cities through industry. That's why we need to maintain them, to develop them, to recognize them as the lifeline they are. These rivers aren't just flowing bodies of water. They are a ceaseless creator of jobs. In the 12-county area around Pittsburgh, the estimate of jobs dependent on inland shipping is 45,000. Indirectly, the estimate runs to 217,000 jobs.
Source: Pennsylvania 2011 gubernatorial press release #2985 Oct 21, 2011

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