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Lou Barletta: Make visa overstay a felony

The first bill Lou introduced in Congress cracked down on sanctuary cities. Lou also introduced immigration reform legislation in 2013 that would make overstaying an American visa a felony criminal offense and would require biometric exit requirements such as digital fingerprinting to more accurately tell whether non-U.S. citizens have departed the country on time or remained in the country illegally.
Source: 2018 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial website

Katie McGinty: Support DREAM Act plus earned path to citizenship

Q: On Immigration: Support the DREAM Act, which would allow children brought into the country illegally to achieve legal status if they meet certain conditions? (Need to have graduated from high school, have a clean legal record, and attend college or serve in the military.)

McGinty: Yes

Toomey: Opposed Obama's Executive Order giving legal status.

Q: On Immigration: Should America's 11 million undocumented residents have an earned path to citizenship?

McGinty: Yes

Toomey: No

Source: CampusElect Voter Guide to 2016 Pennsylvania Senate race Oct 9, 2016

Katie McGinty: Communicate with federal officials instead of sanctuary city

With a U.S. Senate vote looming to strip Philadelphia and other municipalities of millions in federal grant funding, Democrat Katie McGinty has called on Mayor Kenney to alter his "sanctuary city" policy. Philadelphia, which is receiving nearly $39 million in Community Development Block Grants this year, could see that funding put at risk due to legislation being pushed by Sen. Pat Toomey to punish sanctuary cities.

McGinty called for increased communications between local police and federal law enforcement agencies. Pressed for an opinion on Kenney's policy, McGinty said she was not "rejecting" it but wanted the city to share information with federal officials on pending releases of inmates. "I have asked for reconsideration of this aspect of the policy," McGinty told reporters. "I think we are all safer and better off when law enforcement is in constant contact about individuals that they have concerns about."

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer on 2016 Pennsylvania Senate race Jul 7, 2016

Pat Toomey: Withhold community funding from sanctuary cities like Philly

Philadelphia is receiving nearly $39 million in Community Development Block Grants this year, but could see that funding put at risk due to legislation being pushed by Sen. Pat Toomey to punish sanctuary cities.

As one of his first acts in office in January, Kenney reinstituted the city policy that bars police and prison officials from telling U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents about the pending releases from detention of undocumented prisoners, unless a prisoner was previously convicted of a violent felony and ICE has a warrant.

Toomey's bill would block sanctuary cities from receiving federal Community Development Block Grants, budgeted for $3 billion in 2016. Toomey argued that it was justifiable to withhold federal funding because sanctuary cities impose additional costs: "If you're going to impose those costs, then it's very reasonable for the federal government to choose not to subsidize that," Toomey said.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer on 2016 Pennsylvania Senate race Jul 7, 2016

John Fetterman: Wife's family came to Americas as illegal immigrants

My wife Gisele has a remarkable story that is so emblematic of our experience as a country, and the work on immigration that lies before us.

Like so many before her, she came to this country with her family from Brazil in search of a better life -- fleeing a violent and unstable situation.

Her family overstayed their visa, and for years, she lived in the shadows undocumented while her mother cleaned houses for twelve hours a day. And while Gisele would eventually obtain her green card, it shouldn't have been that hard.

I would not have the beautiful family I have today if Gisele's family was not brave enough to take a risk and come to America. Chances are, you wouldn't have the family you have today either if it weren't for immigration because, at one point in time, most of us came from a boat somewhere.

Source: 2016 Pennsylvania Senate campaign website Apr 1, 2016

John Fetterman: If illegals lead an exemplary life, create a path

We need to embrace the millions of courageous people who come to America in search of a better life and a chance to contribute. As Senator, I will fight for:
Source: 2016 Pennsylvania Senate campaign website Apr 1, 2016

Tom Wolf: Support a Pennsylvania DREAM Act

Support a Pennsylvania DREAM Act: Tom Wolf believes that children who have spent the vast majority of their lives in United States should have the same opportunity to earn a college degree as all other students in the Commonwealth. In this vein, Tom Wolf will support the creation of a Pennsylvania DREAM Act, which will allow eligible students to access in-state tuition rates at Pennsylvania colleges and universities.
Source: 2014 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial campaign website, WolfForPA Sep 1, 2014

Bob Casey: Stricter employment rules and enforce the borders

Q: How would you solve the problem of 12 million immigrants, employers who hire them and our border security?

A: On immigration, the real issue is something that the Bush administration can do right now--getting tough on employers who employ undocumented workers. Get tough with audits and fines. Since 1990 the number of audits & fines has gone down. We have to get serious about enforcing our borders. Some of the legislation talks about that. But we have to get tough on employers right now

Source: Second 2006 Pennsylvania Senate Debate Apr 19, 2006

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