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Jim Justice: Raise business B&O tax, sales tax, state fees, & gas tax

I truly from the bottom of my heart hate tax increases. Hate them. I really do. But I want to show you the most painless way that I think you can get out of this mess.

Here's what you gotta do. You gotta cut all that we can possibly cut. I've got to have everybody in this state pay a half of a penny in additional sales tax. There is no way around it. I've got to have you pay instead of $30 in DMV fees, I've got to have you pay 50.

The other thing is this, in trying to be fair, I've got to have our businesses pay two-tenths of one percent in a tax that would be equivalent to a B&O tax. It is a tax that Ohio charges 25 hundredths percent. We would charge 20. And the other last thing I will talk to you about is I've got to have ten cents a gallon on gasoline. Now, I am telling you: If you don't do this, you're dead.

I want to sunset them: three years, you can get rid of this.

Source: 2017 West Virginia State of the State address Feb 8, 2017

Earl Ray Tomblin: Saved businesses $548M on taxes and workers' comp

We overhauled workers' compensation and companies operating here have saved more than $323 million since the program was privatized in 2006. We've enacted gradual reductions in our business and consumer taxes, and since I took office, we've saved employers and West Virginians more than $225 million. We rank higher than each of our neighboring states in this year's Business Tax Climate Index.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to West Virginia legislature Jan 13, 2016

John Buckley: I'm for limited government and free enterprise

I'm the third candidate in the race. I don't fit the narrow mold of most political commentators. They just don't know what to make of me.

I'm for limited government and free enterprise; I'm also for peace and civil liberties; I support the freedom to marry as well as the freedom to carry. I believe in "live and let live."

Source: Charleston Daily Mail on 2014 West Virginia Senate race Aug 12, 2014

John Raese: OpEd: Sounded alarm in 2010 on international competitiveness

Raese noted the effects of higher taxes and higher regulations on private sector job growth. As a businessman who keeps close tabs on foreign competitors, he frequently asserted that such hindrances to business here in the U.S. made it nearly impossible to compete against foreign countries.

So it is that the United States, who a generation ago was the economic master of all it surveyed following World War II, now finds itself struggling to compete against a rising cadre of new economic powers. John Raese, businessman, sounded that alarm, too, in 2010 and 2012. Clearly, he wants us to be able to compete effectively on all fronts again.

That's tough to do when our government has to pay so much of our budget just to pay the interest on a $16 trillion national debt--another Raese deeply-felt concern. Raese's perspective is as valid today as it was then. Given our ongoing economic problems today, his words ring true even more.

Source: Huntington News editorial on 2014 West Virginia Senate race Nov 21, 2013

Joe Manchin III: 8 goals for Open for Business commitments

    We have to start with the basics and set some goals:
  1. Running state government like a business
  2. Developing a seamless education system
  3. Providing quality, affordable healthcare to our citizens
  4. Encouraging regions to work together
  5. Promoting our workforce development efforts
  6. Preserving our small businesses
  7. Investing in our Infrastructure & Environment
  8. Improving our Overall Business ClimateThese 8 goals are a great beginning in meeting my Open for Business commitments.
    Source: 2005 State of the State Address to West Virginia legislature Feb 9, 2005

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