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Adam Putnam: Unravel the EPA mess; it kills jobs & increases costs

EPA's financial blow affects every American, as it negatively impacts our gross domestic product, kills thousands of jobs and increases the cost of living in our country. Not only do the EPA rules have serious economic consequences, but they are far outside the EPA's scope of authority, violating states' rights and, in many cases, violating the U.S. Constitution. The end of the Obama EPA cannot come soon enough. With Scott Pruitt in charge, we can finally unravel the mess of the EPA, and begin developing and implementing thoughtful policies that will make measurable improvements to our natural resources and unleash an energy revolution that will bring jobs and higher wages to Americans.
Source: Orlando Sentinel OpEd for 2018 Florida gubernatorial race Jan 4, 2017

Brian Mast: Repair infrastructure surrounding Lake Okeechobee

Q: Please explain your top two or three priorities if elected.

A: 1. Be placed on the committee of transportation and infrastructure where I can work toward having the US Army Corps of Engineers, the EPA, and FEMA fund the completion of needed repairs to infrastructure surrounding Lake Okeechobee, and establish a route for Lake Okeechobee discharges to be sent toward the river of grass. 2. Establish a system where the VA must compete to provide anytime-anywhere care to our veterans.

Source: Vote-Smart 2016 Florida Political Courage Test Nov 8, 2016

Darren Soto: Named Champion of the Everglades by Audubon Florida

Our economy and quality of life depend on keeping Florida clean--and that's not worth sacrificing for the short-term gain of corporate polluters. That's why I'm fighting to pass a statewide ban on fracking and have fought to protect our sensitive eco- systems. I was named Champion of the Everglades by Audubon Florida because of my record on fighting for our environment. I'll fight to ban fracking on all our public lands and finish the work Pres. Obama started to reduce our reliance on carbon fuels.
Source: 2016 Florida House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Francis Rooney: Stop release of polluted water from Lake Okeechobee

Source: 2016 Florida House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

John Rutherford: Hand power back to our community from federal overreach

Fight The Federal Government's Overreach: The federal government does too much and accomplishes too little. The Obama Administration has unconstitutionally overreached into our education, immigration, and healthcare systems. John will fight for local control and hand power back to our community.
Source: 2016 Florida House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Matt Gaetz: Environmental regulations are job-killing overreach

Federal Regulations: President Obama's job-killing executive overreach has turned bureaucrats into lawmakers and cost the American people billions of dollars. From sweeping new environmental regulations to the shortest red snapper season in history, businesses large and small can't afford to operate based on the whims of the Federal government. Matt has successfully sponsored legislation stopping thousands of burdensome regulations at the state level and will do the same in Washington.
Source: 2016 Florida House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Val Demings: Endorsed by League of Conservation Voters

The League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, which works to elect candidates who they believe will implement sound environmental policies, announced its endorsement of Val Demings in Florida's 10th District. The organization believes the former Orlando Police Chief is committed to addressing the threat of climate change and protecting Florida's environment.

Said the LCV Action Fund President. "We are thrilled to support her campaign so she can stand up for her Central Florida constituents by working to combat climate change, reduce carbon pollution and grow our clean energy economy."

"The League of Conservation Voters is working hard to protect our environment and promote policies that will address climate change and protect our most vital natural resources and I am proud to receive their endorsement," said Demings. "I look forward to working on policies that ensure all Americans have access to clean water, air and that our environment will be protected for generations to come."

Source: 2016 Florida House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Patrick Murphy: Vital to Florida's future that we protect our environment

Q: Florida has witnessed some massive fish kills in recent years because of nutrient pollution. What role does the federal government have in protecting the environment, and would you favor or oppose eliminating the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency?

Patrick E. Murphy: It is vital to Florida's future that we protect our environment. I have been a vocal advocate for the environment and for fighting climate change in the House, and this will be a top priority for me in the Senate. We should not allow offshore oil drilling along Florida's coast and I have fought against fracking in the Everglades and seismic testing in our waters. I was proud to be named Champion of the Everglades by the Florida Audubon Society, and will continue to fight to protect our environment.

Source: League of Women Voters: 2016 Florida Senate Race Sep 19, 2016

Augustus Invictus: Respecting environment over business is a must

Economic freedom does not necessitate the destruction of the environment. America can be productive & powerful without polluting the air, water, and soil. The freedom of Americans to pursue their business interests should not mean that we can no longer drink our own water. And where urban sprawl may threaten our American Wilderness, there we must decide which we cherish more: strip malls or our children's heritage.
Source: on 2016 Florida Senate race May 28, 2016

Gwen Graham: Protect natural heritage & open space for future generations

We are fortunate to have some amazing economic resources in our community that can help create good-paying jobs [including] the miles of coastline that provide agricultural and tourism work.It's critical to protect our natural heritage and open spaces for future generations. North Floridians don't want to take their children fishing in polluted waters or have to worry about the quality of our air. We understand better than most the important connection between our environment, our agriculture, and our economy.

Like so many in North Florida, I grew up exploring our beautiful natural treasures. Our air, land and water are part of our heritage--and I want to protect these irreplaceable natural resources for my children and their children.

Source: 2014 Florida House campaign website, Nov 4, 2014

Rick Scott: Break tourism records while protecting our environment

A lot has happened since I spoke to you last year. I could talk about how our unemployment rate is now down to 6.3%. How our crime rate is at a 42-year low. How we have invested record funding in protecting our environment, while our tourism industry is breaking records. Or how we have added more than 460,000 new private-sector jobs since the end of 2010.

Working together, we have made Florida not just a destination for tourists--but a destination for opportunity.

Source: 2014 State of the State Address to Florida legislature Mar 4, 2014

Rick Scott: Lay off DEP staff; environmental compliance & no enforcement

Polluters are getting away scot-free in Florida, quite literally, according to one group that alleges Gov. Rick Scott and his slimmed-down Department of Environmental Protection are not doing their jobs.

The Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility (PEER) issued a statement that the DEP collected 70% less in fines from violators in 2012, and the agency opened half as many environmental investigations as it did the year before.

PEER says Scott advised DEP staff to restrain from pursuing enforcement and laid off staff responsible for enforcing the state's environmental standards. PEER also released an internal DEP memo in which the deputy secretary advises directors to focus on compliance without enforcement. Meanwhile, the DEP says the lower enforcement numbers are merely a consequence of more Florida industries operating within safe environmental standards.

Source: Huffington Post on 2014 Florida Governor race Aug 30, 2013

Connie Mack IV: Criticizes agricultural tax breaks for grazing land

Mack accused Nelson of chronic tax-raising, and even using cows to exploit a tax loophole. When Nelson talked about cutting the budget deficit by eliminating tax loopholes, Mack twice referred to cows Nelson keeps on property in Brevard County that gets taxed as agricultural land. "There have been cows on that property for 60 years," Nelson protested.
Source: Tampa Bay Times on 2012 Florida Senate debate Oct 18, 2012

Rick Scott: Base environmental policy on sound science, not politics

Floridians must realize that a personal investment in the environment provides them with an exponentially higher return in economic opportunity and quality of life. Our approach to environmental policy will rely on the following tenets:
Source: Florida Gubernatorial 2010 PVS Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2010

Jeb Bush: Florida Forever: $1B for environmental land purchases

As Preservation 2000 came to its expiration, the Florida legislature created Florida Forever to implement its requirements. The new program produced about $300 million annually from the sale of bonds. 72% of Florida's voters supported this amendment in 1998.

As governor, Bush signed the legislation authorized by the constitutional amendment, publicly supported the program over the course of his administration, cooperated with the cabinet to expend over $1 billion in bond money on purchases of land of environmental importance to the state, and routinely used his support of this program in promoting his environmental legacy. Nevertheless, only a year after the passage of Florida Forever, the governor undercut the program, and raised questions about his commitment to environmental conservation, by raiding its funds in the amount of $75 million in order to cover budgetary shortfalls that he was unwilling to raise taxes to cover.

Source: Aggressive Conservatism in Florida, by Robert Crew, p.155 Dec 11, 2009

Jeb Bush: Everglades are "crown jewel" of Florida environmental legacy

The largest conservation project in which Governor Bush was involved was the effort to restore the Florida Everglades. The "unwavering commitment of Governor Bush and the Florida legislature" to saving the Everglades was cited by Bush's first secretary of Environmental Protection as the "crown jewel" in Florida's environmental legacy. A mammoth undertaking, its roots in the administration of former governor Bob Graham, this legislation involved both the state of Florida and the federal government and was just the kind of big-government spending plan that Bush had deplored throughout his campaigns for office and subsequently as governor. Nevertheless, when President Clinton signed the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, Bush attended the ceremony in Washington and said, "the restoration of America's Everglades has been one of my administration's top priorities" and said later that it was THE highest environmental priority.
Source: Aggressive Conservatism in Florida, by Robert Crew, p.157-8 Dec 11, 2009

Jeb Bush: Acceler8: $1.5B plan for Everglades restoration

Bush pushed the Florida legislature to provide the funding for Florida's contribution to the Everglades restoration and to do so in advance of federal funding for the project. This legislation was widely supported by environmental groups. Bush's support earned the governor the "Steward of the Everglades" award from the Everglades Coalition.

Governor Bush also kept additional funding promises to the Everglades. In 2004, he unveiled a $1.5 billion plan called "Acceler8" to complete 8 components of restoration, most of them water-supply reservoirs that would restore water flows 10 years ahead of schedule. The plan was financed with Wall Street bond money. And in 2005 he proposed a $200 million initiative to clean up Lake Okeechobee.

Source: Aggressive Conservatism in Florida, by Robert Crew, p.157-8 Dec 11, 2009

Jeb Bush: Declined results of state survey to limit urban sprawl

The governor moved cautiously to redeem what had been strong growth management campaign pledges. Rather than propose initiatives, he asked the Department of Community Affairs to survey Floridians about the issues involved. The results from the survey suggested broad public support for protection of identified state interests, for a state vision and a stronger state plan, for limiting urban sprawl, for establishing urban growth boundaries, and for a "strong, wide-ranging role for the state and expanded access for citizens." Governor Bush, allegedly under pressure from the development community, declined to accept these findings and appointed instead a Growth Management Study Commission to make appropriate recommendations. Another year passed before the commission completed its report and announced support for many of the findings from the 2000 survey, but in a crucial difference recommended limiting the role of state government in regulating the growth management process.
Source: Aggressive Conservatism in Florida, by Robert Crew, p.160 Dec 11, 2009

Marco Rubio: Partner with private companies for transportation system

Source: 100 Innovative Ideas for Florida's Future by Marco Rubio Nov 1, 2006

Marco Rubio: Hurricane Savings Accounts for homeowners' insurance

Source: 100 Innovative Ideas for Florida's Future by Marco Rubio Nov 1, 2006

Jeb Bush: New marine sanctuary to protect the Florida Keys

We're actively conserving environmentally sensitive land. Everglades restoration is ahead of schedule and under budget. We're restoring the Loxahatchee and opening areas that have been closed for decades by pollution. Today a new marine sanctuary protects the Florida Keys, and conservation along the banks of the Suwannee spurs eco-tourism and the economies of eight rural counties.

From the River of Grass to Florida's springs to the oceans that roll up on our shores, Florida will continue to protect the natural bounty and beauty of our state. We are carefully balancing our growth and environmental protection--to create the best quality of life and business climate in the country. As a result, Florida is regularly on the short list for companies looking to expand or relocate and we are winning more of these competitions every day.

Source: 2004 State of the State speech to the Florida Legislature Mar 2, 2004

Al Gore: Ban oil and gas drilling off Florida coast

Everyone in Tampa Bay knows that Florida depends on clean beaches and clean air. While my opponent refuses to take a clear stand on this, I will. So let me pledge to you again, I will ban all new oil and gas drilling off of the coast of Florida and California.
Source: Speech in Kissimmee, Florida Nov 1, 2000

Jeb Bush: Restrict Eminent Domain; most severe of all govt powers

The power of government to take property is perhaps the most severe of all governmental powers. State government must be frugal in the exercise of this power, and conscientious when it is expanded.

In this particular bill, eminent domain authority is expanded to benefit the North Broward Hospital District. This is undoubtedly a worthwhile and needed project, [and] the hospital has begun negotiations with local property owners to purchase their properties.

My objection to this well-intended bill, however, is that the hospital has begun this process [under the old rules, and] to change these rules [in the middle of the process] would not be in the spirit of fair play.

Additionally, this bill would set a dangerous precedent for one-time expansions of eminent domain authority. I believe this is a poor basis for creating new statutes. If the expansion of quick-take authority is an issue that needs addressing, the Legislature should do so as a policy debate for statewide application.

Source: Approval notification on Florida Voting Record S.B.1230 Jun 7, 2000

Jeb Bush: Let industries “self-audit”; compensate for “takings”

Source: 1998 Florida National Political Awareness Test Jul 2, 1998

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