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Karyn Polito: Leading advocate for the passage of "Jessica's Law"

In her time on Beacon Hill, Karyn was a leading advocate for the passage of "Jessica's Law," a bill which would establish tough mandatory minimum sentences for child sex offenders. Her advocacy paid off in 2008, when she worked with her Democratic colleagues to pass tougher sentencing legislation and require District Attorneys to file more comprehensive reports about child sex offenses in Massachusetts. Karyn also believes strongly in giving back to the community. Her first major legislative initiative in 2003 was to file legislation allowing for the issuance of special license plates with the Red Sox and Jimmy Fund insignias. Since that bill was passed, the Red Sox special-issued license plates have raised more than $7,000,000 to date for the Jimmy Fund of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Red Sox Foundation.
Source: 2014 MA Lt. Governor campaign website, Aug 31, 2014

Martha Coakley: Lobbied hard to keep Gerald Amirault in prison

Gerald Amirault was convicted of preposterous child sexual abuse charges in the 1980's in the notorious Fells Acre Case. In 2001, the MA Parole Board stated, "It is clearly a matter of public knowledge that, at the minimum, real and substantial doubt exists concerning petitioner's conviction."

But Coakley lobbied hard and persistently to keep Amirault in prison to avoid embarrassing the Middlesex DA's office that had originally prosecuted him. He was finally paroled during the Romney administration

Source: Fathers & Families email on 2010 MA Senate debate Jan 14, 2010

Martha Coakley: Opposes death penalty, but federal death penalty ok

Brown supports the death penalty. Coakley opposes it. He pressed her to say whether, if found guilty, the alleged 9/11 masterminds should get the death penalty. She said yes, because that's the sentence under federal law.
Source: WBUR article on 2010 MA Senate debate Jan 12, 2010

Jeff Beatty: Endorsed Jessica's Law to punish sex offenders

Beatty supports John McCain for president, seeing the Republican candidate as a man like himself whose priorities are ďto protect families, to protect jobs, and to protect the country.Ē He endorsed Jessicaís Law, a law adopted by 42 states to punish sex offenders and limit their ability to re-offend. In support of protecting jobs, he said he opposes benefits to illegal immigrants at the expense of legal immigrants and American citizens and supports reduced taxes on small businesses.
Source: Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle on 2008 MA Senate Debate Aug 13, 2008

Deval Patrick: Supports criminal rehabilitation and alternative sentencing

Source: 2006 MA Gubernatorial National Political Awareness Test Nov 7, 2006

Deval Patrick: Focus on guns & gang violence, not immigration status

HEALEY: Our administration has already begun the process of training our state police officers in working with the INS so that they can, when they make a stop, determine whether somebody is in the country legally.

PATRICK: Well I think itís a matter of priorities is what it is. The idea of training the state police so that they can recognize and do their duties, who can argue with that. But with gun and gang violence as soaring as it is in urban communities all over the Commonwealth it seems to me that thereís a whole lot else that we ought to have the state police and all law enforcement concentrating on. What I will do as governor is get engaged in the Congress with a balanced and rational approach advocated now on a bipartisan basis by Senator McCain and Senator Kennedy to bring some reason and some real solutions to our immigration issues.

Source: 2006 MA Gubernatorial debate on Fox News with Chris Wallace Sep 25, 2006

Kerry Healey: Check immigration status when police stop motorists

Our administration has already begun the process of training our state police officers in working with the INS so that they can, when they make a stop, determine whether somebody is in the country legally and if they are not take them into custody and turn them over into the proper federal authorities. I would continue that policy as governor. You canít enforce laws when you like them and not enforce them when you donít. I think itís just a matter of right and wrong.
Source: 2006 MA Gubernatorial debate on Fox News with Chris Wallace Sep 25, 2006

Scott Brown: Implement the death penalty in Massachusetts

Source: 2002 MA Gubernatorial National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2002

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