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Jodey Arrington: Rein in excessive EPA regulations

Unleash Economic Growth by Empowering Small Businesses and Families:The EPA Seeks to Inflict Control on Our Farmers, Ranchers, and Energy Producers
Source: 2016 Texas House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Greg Abbott: EPA is a runaway federal agency that must be reined in

Safeguarding against the overreaching and unlawful regulations that the EPA has attempted to impose upon Texas, Greg Abbott has repeatedly defended Texas' environmental protection laws against the federal government. Greg Abbott's rejection of federal infringement on our sovereignty has saved Texas jobs, and his enforcement of environmental laws have helped keep Texas' water pure, air clean, and surroundings safe for Texas families.

As Texas has proven in other lawsuits against the EPA, this is a runaway federal agency that must be reined in. The EPA's job-killing regulations impose burdensome costs and economic hardships on employers in Texas and across the country, threatening the livelihoods of thousands of hard-working Americans.

In response to the EPA, the state of Texas has filed numerous legal actions challenging the EPA's illegal regulatory scheme. Since March 2012 alone, federal courts have ruled against the EPA and in favor of Texas in three separate lawsuits.

Source: 2014 Texas Gubernatorial campaign website, Nov 4, 2014

Emily Sanchez: Federal regulation for clean air and water

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "No 'rights' to clean air and water"?

A: I strongly support federal regulation of anything that affects the environment and our water resources.

Source: E-mail interview on Texas 2014 Senate race with OnTheIssues Sep 21, 2014

Emily Sanchez: The Earth sustains all life processes

The Texas Green Party has 10 key values that serve as guiding principles. Some of you may already be familiar with them but I will be sharing them one at a time for all others who are possibly just now being introduced to this political party.

Day 1- Ecological Wisdom: We recognize that the Earth sustains all life processes. Green ecology understands the common roots of the abuse of nature, the abuse of animals, and the abuse of people. Whatever we do to the web of life, we do to ourselves.

Source: 2014 Texas Senate campaign website on Sep 18, 2014

Rick Perry: Unsuccessfully had rural agency rebuild after Hurricane Ike

Last week marked the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Ike, the 3rd costliest hurricane in US history but also one that received relatively little attention from the national media. The storm took the lives of 112 people and did $30 billion worth of damage.

A tiny agency, TDRA frittered away money on administrative costs and got little accomplished.

By 2011, Texas had spent less than 3% of the $1.7 billion earmarked for housing. Statewide, just 36 new homes had been built. By 2013, after much racially-charged political upheaval, not a single public housing unit has been rebuilt, despite legally binding agreements to replace all 569 units destroyed.

Source: Texas Observer 2013 coverage of 2016 presidential hopefuls Sep 20, 2013

David Dewhurst: Repeal EPA's job-killing regulations

Source: 2012 Senate Campaign website,, "Issues" Mar 26, 2012

Rick Perry: Flexible permitting to reduce ozone & NOx levels

We've created a predictable regulatory environment, so that employers know what to expect from one quarter to the next. I'm talking about programs like our flexible permitting program that has contributed to cleaner air and economic development in Texas.

Between 2000 and 2009, this program helped Texas achieve a 27% reduction of statewide ozone levels, more than any other state. NOx has fallen by 53% and almost every metropolitan area is meeting the current air standard. For those of you keeping track, Dallas is within just one part per billion of meeting the standard as well. In true Texas style, we made those air quality improvements, while Texas employers were creating more private sector jobs, than any other big state in the nation.

Source: 2011 Texas State of the State Address Feb 8, 2011

Rick Noriega: Reports for National Guard duty for Hurricane Ike response

Cornyn tried to cancel the statewide broadcast of his first TV ad [due to Hurricane Ike], but wasn’t able to keep it from airing in Dallas, Austin and Amarillo today.

Noriega, who was tweaked by the Cornyn camp for not canceling two campaign events as the storm moved inland, chided Cornyn for broadcasting campaign spots. “They chose to run an ad when 3 million people still don’t have power in the state of Texas,” said Noriega’s campaign.

Cornyn criticized Noriega for stumping in Killeen even as his Houston district “was pounded by Ike.” Cornyn’s campaign said, “This isn’t a time for gotcha politics. Everyone seems to realize this but Rick Noriega. He and his staff should be ashamed and owe those affected by Ike an apology.”

Noriega’s campaign responded, “Gotcha politics? Our entire campaign has been evacuated to Austin by Hurricane Ike.” The campaign noted that Noriega, a Texas National Guard officer, reported to Austin’s Camp Mabry Sunday to help with hurricane response support efforts.

Source: 2008 Texas Senate debate reported in The Dallas Morning News Sep 17, 2008

Rick Perry: Stop declaring wildlife sanctuaries on water reservoirs

We are tired of environmental extremists entrenched in the federal bureaucracy undermining our regional water planning process. We support wildlife sanctuaries, but please stop declaring them on land local officials have identified as viable for water reservoirs.

In short our message to Washington is this: let Texans run Texas. I support legislation that establishes more than 20 reservoir sites in statute because securing viable water supplies is vital to the future of this state.

Source: Texas 2007 State of the State address Feb 6, 2007

Brian Babin: Limit endangered species list; sell pollution credits

Source: Texas Legislative 1996 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1996

Stephen Breyer: Look for alternatives to environmental regulations

Regulatory failures most often result from "mismatches" between the justifications for regulation and the regulatory tools that the government adopts. He suggests that policymakers look for alternative regulatory tools that better match the nature of the market failure that gave rise to the need for regulation. He believes environmental activists and media have steered a naive Congress into creating a precautionary regulatory atmosphere.
Source: McGarity & Stamps, U. Texas School of Law, "Breyer", p. 5-6 Jul 12, 1994

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