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Don Beyer: Oppose any UN declaration of Palestinian statehood

I am firmly and strongly committed to Israel and would make it a priority, if elected to Congress, to further its security as a Jewish, democratic and pluralistic state, as well as its close relationship and strategic partnership with the United States. The state of Israel has a profound role and responsibility in the world, both as a home for the Jewish people and as a critical anchor in the crossroads of the Middle East. The United States must do all it can to assist its ally in this role.

Israeli security and recognition of Israeli sovereignty is the first and indispensable prerequisite of the two-state solution that I support. This two-state solution must only be the result of bilateral negotiations, facilitated by the United States, between the Israelis and Palestinians. I oppose any United Nations declaration of Palestinian statehood that is not part of a comprehensive U.S.-backed agreement, and support President Obama's commitment to veto any such approach.

Source: 2014 Virginia House campaign website, Nov 4, 2014

Don Beyer: As Swiss Ambassador, negotiated release of Iranian hostages

[I served] as US Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein from 2009-2013. Switzerland is the "Protecting Power" of the United States in Iran, meaning that it advocates on behalf of the U.S. government for the roughly 10,000 American citizens in Iran. The Swiss embassy in Tehran has a close relationship with the U.S. embassy in Switzerland.

My ambassadorial term included the longstanding negotiations to free the American hikers held hostage in Iran. I was also deeply involved with the case of Amir Hekmati, the young U.S. Marine who was arrested as he entered Iran, accused of being a CIA operative, and sentenced to death. I worked at great length with Swiss banks trying to ensure that they were not providing banking relationships with Iran. I believe that by the time of my departure, no Swiss banks were doing business with Iranian companies, nor even with the Central Bank of Iran.

Source: 2014 Virginia House campaign website, Nov 4, 2014

Don Beyer: Served as Ambassador to Switzerland and in Dept. of Commerce

I've worked closely with President Obama in politics and in government [while serving as Lieutenant Governor of Virginia]. I helped the President in his first campaign, and after he got elected, he asked me to lead the transition team for the Department of Commerce. Four years ago, the President appointed me to be Ambassador to Switzerland, and it was an honor to serve the President and my country abroad.
Source: 2014 Virginia House campaign website, Oct 10, 2014

Don Beyer: Outlook of engagement toward the world

We must have an outlook of engagement toward the world and be vigilant in meeting our special responsibilities abroad. Simultaneously, we must be wise in our defense spending. Sequestration weakens our military; the United States government must not employ arbitrary sequestration again. We can achieve efficiencies in our large defense budget while maintaining a robust and well-prepared military.
Source: 2014 Virginia House campaign website, Oct 10, 2014

Robert Sarvis: Libertarians want less intervention in foreign policy

Sarvis said he will run on a similar platform as last year, including small government, a reduction of spending, legalization of marijuana and allowing same-sex couples to marry. "Libertarians also want less intervention in foreign policy, so that will be something new for me to focus on," he said.
Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch on 2014 Virginia Senate race Jan 30, 2014

George Allen: End foreign aid to Egypt until they join War on Terror

On foreign policy, Kaine noted that U.S. military and Virginia National Guard forces don't have to deploy as often for the war on terror, thanks to past successes against Al-Qaeda and other terror linked groups. Kaine then attacked the House budget proposal which cut money for embassy security, and linked it to Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee.

Allen noted that the attacked on U.S. embassies last month are examples of why sequestration is dangerous. Allen also singled out U.S. foreign aid for Egypt, saying he did not think a dollar should be sent there until the country's leaders prove they're going to support the ongoing effort against terror.

Source: WSLS-TV-10 on 2012 Virginia Senate debate Oct 18, 2012

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