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Crippled America,
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The Truths We Hold,
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Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
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Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
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What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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State of Vermont Politicians: Archives

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    from State of Vermont Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Bernie Sanders (4) Democratic Presidential candidate
  • Brooke Paige (11) Republican Senate Challenger Vermont
  • Bruce Lisman (11) Vermont Republican 2016 Gubernatorial candidate
  • Christine Hallquist (19) Vermont Democratic candidate for governor of Vermont
  • Greg Parke (2) Republican challenger (2006) Vermont
  • Howard Dean (4) Democrat
  • Jim Douglas (6) Vermont Former Republican Governor (2002-2010)
  • John MacGovern (14) Democratic Challenger for VT Senator Vermont
  • Keith Stern (15) Vermont Republican candidate for governor of Vermont
  • Larry Drown (7) Democratic challenger (2006) Vermont
  • Lawrence Zupan (8) Republican Challenger Vermont
  • Matt Dunne (15) Vermont Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Patrick Leahy (4) Democratic Sr Senator Vermont
  • Peter Shumlin (25) Vermont Democratic Governor (retiring 2016)
  • Phil Scott (42) Vermont Republican challenger for Governor
  • Richard Tarrant (7) Republican Challenger (2006) Vermont
  • Scott Milne (17) Democratic Challenger for VT Senator Vermont
  • Shap Smith (6) Vermont Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Sue Minter (18) Vermont Democratic 8Gubernatorial candidate
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Christine Hallquist: Protect a women's right to choose.
    Keith Stern: Pro-life advocate but will not interfere with settled law.
    Scott Milne: Pro-life; and no free birth control.
    Bruce Lisman: Supports abortion rights and funding for Planned Parenthood.
    Scott Milne: Pro-choice but exact positions are unknown.
    Peter Shumlin: Assist companies doing stem cell research in Vermont.
    John MacGovern: Don't require churches to provide birth control to staff.
    John MacGovern: Opposes abortion in most cases.
    Phil Scott: Abortion isn't a black-and-white issue, but I'm pro-choice.
    Phil Scott: No taxpayer funding for abortion; but ok for family planning.
    John MacGovern: Religious liberty trumps contraception health insurance.
    Richard Tarrant: No litmus tests; majority don’t want Roe overturned.
    Matt Dunne: Abortions should always be legally available.
Budget & Economy
    Lawrence Zupan: Build an opportunity economy, with growth for generations.
    Bruce Lisman: Bring government spending in line with revenue.
    Phil Scott: I won't sign a budget that exceeds reasonable limits.
    Sue Minter: Government can partner with workforce to grow economy.
    Phil Scott: We're spending beyond our means; but cuts instead of taxes.
    John MacGovern: Budget deficit is a moral issue as well as economic issue.
    John MacGovern: Our most serious problem is skyrocketing national debt.
    Peter Shumlin: Get back to fiscal responsibility, post-stimulus.
    Jim Douglas: $17M ARRA investment to expand Vermont employment.
Civil Rights
    Christine Hallquist: Wants Vermont to welcome all groups, including marginalized.
    Phil Scott: Support peaceful march against bias & discrimination.
    Phil Scott: Supports gay marriage and transgender bathroom rights.
    Scott Milne: Opposes affirmative action.
    Sue Minter: Economic security for women via livable wages and equal pay.
    Scott Milne: Supported civil unions in 2000.
    Jim Douglas: Declare Juneteenth an annual tribute to emancipation.
    Jim Douglas: Veto defining marriage as "2 people" not "1 man & 1 woman".
    Peter Shumlin: Define marriage as "two people" not "one man & one woman".
    Peter Shumlin: Define marriage as "two people" not "one man & one woman".
    Phil Scott: Ballot initiative ok; don't legislatively re-define marriage.
    Shap Smith: Define marriage as "two people" not "one man & one woman".
    Sue Minter: Define marriage as "two people" not "one man & one woman".
    Greg Parke: Constitutional gay marriage ban is democracy in action.
    Richard Tarrant: Don’t use Constitution on special interest like gay marriage.
    Bernie Sanders: Bush’s tracking citizens’ phone call patterns is illegal.
    Howard Dean: Egalitarianism implies the legality of gay civil unions.
    Howard Dean: Gays deserve equal rights under the law.
    Matt Dunne: Equal benefits for same sex couples.
    Brooke Paige: Streamline regulations to make Vermont "business friendly".
    Phil Scott: Agency of Economic Opportunity: help find qualified workers.
    Patrick Leahy: Amend Constitutional to declare corporations are NOT people.
    Matt Dunne: State manager to help each manufacturer navigate rules.
    John MacGovern: Don't demonize private sector that produces jobs & growth.
    Peter Shumlin: Getting credit to entrepreneurs when they need it grows jobs.
    Keith Stern: Convicts should serve in same state where sentenced.
    Christine Hallquist: Address racial bias in criminal justice system.
    Brooke Paige: Establish uniform sentencing and incarceration guidelines.
    Phil Scott: Address racial disparities in criminal justice.
    Phil Scott: Close Windsor prison; expand home detention monitoring.
    Scott Milne: Supports the death penalty.
    Phil Scott: Private prisons needed because full cost borne by state.
    Sue Minter: Phase out the use of private prisons altogether.
    Peter Shumlin: Help keep non-violent offenders out of jail.
    Jim Douglas: Mandatory 25 year minimum sentence for child sexual abuse.
    Matt Dunne: More prisons, but more rehab programs too.
    Christine Hallquist: Treat opiate crisis as a public health issue.
    Christine Hallquist: Tax retail marijuana for clean water and public education.
    Brooke Paige: Legalize and commercialize marijuana, but not "hard drugs".
    Phil Scott: Make low-level marijuana possession legal for adults.
    Keith Stern: Send drug addicts to treatment & dealers to boot camp.
    Phil Scott: Address opiate addiction via prevention & enforcement.
    Scott Milne: Does not support the legalization of marijuana.
    Bruce Lisman: No legalization now; let's see what happens in other states.
    Matt Dunne: Legalize marijuana quickly; prohibition hasn't worked.
    Phil Scott: No legalization at this time; but I'm not saying never.
    Scott Milne: Pass tougher drug laws instead of decriminalizing.
    Sue Minter: Supports legalizing marijuana.
    Sue Minter: Addicts need treatment, not jail time.
    Bruce Lisman: Decriminalization, but not legalization, of recreational pot.
    Matt Dunne: Create a trusted Vermont brand of legalized marijuana.
    Peter Shumlin: Time to make marijuana well-regulated legal substance.
    Peter Shumlin: Prioritize reducing opioid misuse.
    Peter Shumlin: Address drug addiction as a public health crisis.
    Phil Scott: Supports growing industrial hemp in Vermont.
    Peter Shumlin: War on recidivism: $300,000 for methadone treatment.
    Keith Stern: Give education control back to the local districts.
    Keith Stern: Technical schools train for well-paying, in-demand jobs.
    Christine Hallquist: Supports public schools; does not want them privatized.
    Brooke Paige: Reject Common Core; protect local control.
    Lawrence Zupan: High tuition costs pay for facilities; learn online instead.
    Phil Scott: Statewide funding inserts Montpelier into school decisions.
    Phil Scott: Realign funding toward early care and trades training.
    Phil Scott: $4M to state colleges; low tuition increases thru 2021.
    Phil Scott: Preserve school choice; improve Act 46 school consolidation.
    Scott Milne: Rethink how government funds education.
    Sue Minter: Universal pre-K via public-private partnerships.
    Bruce Lisman: Give school districts flexibility on resources and spending.
    Peter Shumlin: Publicly fund a college savings plan for each child.
    Peter Shumlin: Provide free college courses for low income people.
    Shap Smith: Larger school districts improve quality & control costs.
    Peter Shumlin: Dual enrollment for high school students to state college.
    Phil Scott: Age-appropriate sex education in schools.
    Larry Drown: Strong Public Education.
    Matt Dunne: More funding for public schools & teachers.
Energy & Oil
    Keith Stern: Goal to convert to 75% renewable energy will hurt Vermont.
    Christine Hallquist: Supports Solar Pathways plan of 90% renewable energy by 2050.
    Brooke Paige: Develop alternative energy if affordable and reliable.
    Phil Scott: Tax holiday on hybrids, electric vehicles, & green products.
    Sue Minter: Keep electric rates low to compete in New England.
    Patrick Leahy: Human-caused climate change is accelerating.
    Phil Scott: Combat climate change & reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.
    Bruce Lisman: Moratorium on industrial scale solar and wind projects.
    Shap Smith: More programs for LIHEAP and home weatherization.
    Phil Scott: Supports renewable energy investment.
    Larry Drown: Don’t drill for oil in our national parks.
    Matt Dunne: Promote alternative fuels and renewable energy.
    Christine Hallquist: Advocate of environmental protections and mass transit.
    Brooke Paige: Fund program for fertilizer runoff to reduce water pollution.
    Brooke Paige: Farmers are unfairly blamed for fertilizer pollution.
    Lawrence Zupan: New farming technologies improve water quality.
    Phil Scott: $50M for clean-up of our impaired waterways.
    Scott Milne: Lake Champlain is a natural treasure we must preserve.
    Sue Minter: Protect our state's waters, farmland, and forests.
    Bruce Lisman: Restore our lakes and protect our ridgelines.
    Peter Shumlin: VT should divest from coal and ExxonMobil.
    Sue Minter: Led efforts in Climate Preparedness & catastrophic flooding.
    Shap Smith: Our waterways are under threat from decades of pollution.
    Phil Scott: Support local agriculture; they're stewards of our land.
    Phil Scott: Reduce chemicals in consumer goods, when evidence warrants.
    Peter Shumlin: Clean up Lake Champlain: federal waivers & local flexibility.
    Matt Dunne: Supports open space preservation & brownfield cleanup.
Families & Children
    Christine Hallquist: Pass paid family and medical leave insurance.
    Lawrence Zupan: Cost of paid family leave burden falls on small businesses.
    Keith Stern: Paid family leave and $15 hour wage would hurt his business.
    Phil Scott: $800,000 for Guardians ad Litem for kids of drug addicts.
    Phil Scott: $7.5 million for Child Care Financial Assistance.
    Matt Dunne: Paid leave insurance policy to fund FMLA maternity leave.
Foreign Policy
    Scott Milne: US out of the UN, and UN out of the US.
    John MacGovern: Developed energy projects in China and Southeast Asia.
Free Trade
    Phil Scott: Buying local isn't just for hippies anymore.
Government Reform
    Keith Stern: Term limits will slow down path to lobbying.
    Christine Hallquist: Work with state & locals to fix campaign finance system.
    Brooke Paige: Implement ethics and transparency rues for state government.
    Scott Milne: Washington gridlock results from too-long incumbency.
    Sue Minter: Call for transparency and accountability in state agencies.
    Peter Shumlin: Elect President by popular vote, not Electoral College.
    Phil Scott: Keep Electoral College instead of presidential popular vote.
    Jim Douglas: Vetoed campaign donations restrictions & identifying donors.
    Peter Shumlin: Restrict campaign donations and publicly identify donors.
    Phil Scott: Restrict campaign donations and publicly identify donors.
    Shap Smith: Restrict campaign donations and publicly identify donors.
    Sue Minter: Restrict campaign donations and publicly identify donors.
    Larry Drown: Bring back honesty and openness into government.
Gun Control
    Keith Stern: Supports 2nd Amendment; but some people will commit crimes.
    Christine Hallquist: Ban assault weapons; regulate guns like cars.
    Keith Stern: Vermont won't be Vermont with all this gun legislation.
    Christine Hallquist: Regulate guns like we regulate automobiles.
    Phil Scott: Enforce existing gun laws; Vermont is no gun trafficker.
    Sue Minter: Universal background checks; ban assault weapons.
    Sue Minter: Gun violence has reached a crisis point; more gun safety.
    Bruce Lisman: Protect the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights.
    Scott Milne: Rated 50% by Gun Owners of Vermont.
    Matt Dunne: Strengthen restrictions on the purchase & possession of guns.
    Matt Dunne: Strengthen enforcement of existing state gun restrictions.
Health Care
    Keith Stern: Healthcare the community way through medical cost sharing.
    Christine Hallquist: Wants to lay groundwork for universal healthcare system.
    Brooke Paige: Reject single-payer healthcare and Vermont Health Connect.
    Lawrence Zupan: End mandate; start interstate competition.
    Phil Scott: Replace dysfunctional Vermont Health Connect with subsidies.
    Scott Milne: Promises of cost savings are likely a pipe dream.
    Sue Minter: Focus on containing costs in Vermont Health Connect.
    Bruce Lisman: Repeal the mandate to purchase insurance.
    Phil Scott: Affordable health care? Yes; single-payer? No.
    John MacGovern: Dislikes President Obama's health care act.
    Larry Drown: Healthcare that works for everyone.
    Matt Dunne: State should provide universal access to health care.
    Howard Dean: Universal access for all Vermonters; insure the last 6%.
    Howard Dean: Keep “community rating”: insure older people at same rates.
Homeland Security
    Lawrence Zupan: Government doesn't provide veterans with proper health care.
    Phil Scott: $500,000 for college scholarships for veterans at UVM.
    Patrick Leahy: End the NSA's bulk collection program.
    John MacGovern: No new F-35 fighter jets at Burlington Airport.
    Bernie Sanders: F-35 fighter planes OK at Burlington Airport.
    John MacGovern: No noisy F-35 fighter planes at Burlington Airport.
    Larry Drown: Maintain strong Armed Forces.
    Richard Tarrant: We must sacrifice some rights & privacy in times of war.
    Lawrence Zupan: Stronger immigration controls; enforcement essential.
    Keith Stern: Supports Trump's crack down on undocumented immigrants.
    Scott Milne: No immigrant benefits; no DREAMers; no amnesty.
    Scott Milne: Opposed to the EB-5 program due to poor regulation in VT.
    Christine Hallquist: Unions are crucial to the balance of power.
    Christine Hallquist: $15 minimum wage, plus job retraining for displaced workers.
    Phil Scott: Deal with Vermont's shrinking workforce population.
    Patrick Leahy: Raise minimum wage & eliminate gender pay gap.
    Scott Milne: Focus on creating new jobs by changing Vermont's reputation.
    Peter Shumlin: Create Innovation Zones targeted to regional job needs.
    Peter Shumlin: Vermont unemployment rate, 5.3%, is among lowest in America.
    Larry Drown: Jobs in America based on alternative energy industry.
Local Issues
    Phil Scott: Protect Northeast Kingdom economy from EB-5 fallout.
    Peter Shumlin: Tropical Storm Irene recovery: we rebuilt faster & smarter.
Principles & Values
    Lawrence Zupan: Running on principles of life, liberty and private property.
    Christine Hallquist: Monthly town halls and weekly audio broadcasts as governor.
    Brooke Paige: Nominee for Secretary of State (won 4 other nominations too).
    Phil Scott: The right leader at the right time.
    Peter Shumlin: Retiring after three terms to return to the business world.
    Bernie Sanders: Lost campaigns in 1972, 1974 & 1988 before winning in 1990.
    John MacGovern: Runs the Hanover Institute, a Dartmouth alumni group.
    John MacGovern: Served four terms in the Massachusetts legislature.
    John MacGovern: Raised on an organic communal dairy farm.
    Larry Drown: America needs a change in culture as well as politics.
Social Security
    Jim Douglas: Fully fund teacher retirement fund.
    Sue Minter: Fully fund teacher retirement fund.
Tax Reform
    Christine Hallquist: Revamp tax structure and increase taxes on the wealthy.
    Brooke Paige: Vermont should not be the "Land of Endless Taxes".
    Keith Stern: Holding the line won't work; cut taxes and fees.
    Keith Stern: Supports new tax reform and wants Vermont to cut taxes also.
    Phil Scott: Balanced budget without raising taxes.
    Scott Milne: Cap the state-wide property tax in first two weeks.
    Bruce Lisman: Stop taxing retirement benefits & other new taxes & fees.
    Bruce Lisman: Reset our finances and no new taxes.
    Phil Scott: Property taxes shouldn't grow faster than property values.
    Peter Shumlin: Avoid raising taxes; balance budget by cuts & efficiencies.
    Shap Smith: Avoid raising taxes; balance budget by cuts & efficiencies.
    Peter Shumlin: Raise state budget reserve from 5% to 8%, for tough times.
    Greg Parke: Completely eliminate federal estate tax.
    Richard Tarrant: Raise the estate tax exemption but don’t eliminate it.
    Bernie Sanders: Capital gains & dividend tax cuts are giveaways to the rich.
    Richard Tarrant: Extend capital gains and dividend tax cuts.
    Matt Dunne: Increase taxes on high earners; decrease property taxes.
    Keith Stern: Cut spending by $100M and put half into infrastructure.
    Christine Hallquist: Grow the economy by connecting all to fiber optic cable.
    Christine Hallquist: Invest in transportation infrastructure, give access to all.
    Phil Scott: Reform alternative utility regulation; no executive bonuses.
    Sue Minter: Utility rate goal: transparent process & affordable rates.
    Peter Shumlin: Connect VT: $53M for rural broadband & cell service.
    Peter Shumlin: $106M to improve 65 bridges; plus high speed rail.
War & Peace
    John MacGovern: No nation-building in Afghanistan or Iraq.
    Sue Minter: Immediate withdrawal from Iraq instead of surge.
    Richard Tarrant: No specific deadline, but out of Iraq as soon as possible.
    Richard Tarrant: Iraq war is over extending the country’s financial resources.
Welfare & Poverty
    Phil Scott: $35 million housing bond for full spectrum of housing.
    Matt Dunne: Guide corporate partnerships with nonprofit & public sectors.

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