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Has spent time in all 100 counties while Senator

Twenty years younger than Dole, Hagan promised to bring new energy to the job, saying the state needs “a work horse, not a show horse. I want to be that work horse.”

Yet, Dole doesn’t appear to be lacking in energy. Countering criticisms that she’s out North Carolina, she said twice during the 45-minute debate that she’s spent time in all 100 counties since her election in 2002. She’s already aired TV ads pointedly placing her in several cities and towns around the state.

Source: 2008 N.C. Senate Debate reported in Greensboro News-Record , Jun 25, 2008

Broad experience in Washington & major-league clout

Hagan sought to tie Dole to public discontent with Washington, especially regarding the economy and the war in Iraq. Dole responded by connecting Hagan, a state senator, with rising state budgets & taxes and a lack of action on immigration in Raleigh.

Hagan said Dole had voted with President Bush 92% of the time. “People talk a lot about experience, a lot about major-league clout,” Hagan said. “But consider this: When it comes to Sen. Dole and her 40 years’ experience in Washington, experience just means a way of doing business--a way of doing business that puts special interests and their lobbyists before working families.“

Dole mainly talked about her broad experience in Washington, her efforts to save North Carolina military bases from closing and her role in the federal tobacco buyout program. Dole said she wanted to run a positive campaign and called on Hagan to oppose any TV ad campaigns by third parties--a challenge to which Hagan did not respond.

Source: 2008 N.C. Senate Debate reported in Raleigh News & Observer , Jun 22, 2008

Voted with Republican Party 91.3% of 311 votes.

Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-NC), was scored by the Washington Post on the percentage of votes on which a lawmaker agrees with the position taken by a majority of his or her party members. The scores do not include missed votes. Their summary:
Voted with Republican Party 91.3% of 311 votes.
Overall, Democrats voted with their party 88.4% of the time, and Republicans voted with their party 81.7% of the time (votes Jan. 8 through Sept. 8, 2007).
Source: Washington Post, “US Congress Votes Database” , Sep 8, 2007

Character provides sense of direction & means to fulfillment

Whether on the floor of Congress, in the boardroom of corporate America, or in the corridors of a big city hospital, there is no body of professional expertise and no anthology of case studies that can supplant the force of character.

Character provides both a sense of direction and a means to fulfillment. It asks not what you want to be, but who you want to be. For in the final analysis, it is your moral compass that counts for more than any bank balance or resume.

Source: Be the Change, by Michelle Nunn, p.164 , Nov 1, 2006

OpEd: Proxy incumbent to succeed Jesse Helms

In Elizabeth Dole's 2002 North Carolina senatorial campaign, we knew that she was going to end up facing former Clinton White House chief of staff Erskine Bowles, but he first had to win in a 3-way primary.

One of the questions you have to answer in any campaign is, "Is time our enemy or our friend?" My strategic assumption was that time was our enemy. A longer general election campaign helped Bowles, a shorter campaign, Elizabeth.

This was not because Elizabeth Dole was a weak candidate. To the contrary, she proved to be one of the strongest candidates I've ever seen. It was simply a function of name identification and resources. Elizabeth Dole began the '02 North Carolina Senate race with 90% name identification and a 7-to-1 favorable-unfavorable ratio. Her name ID could not go up much higher, and her fav-unfav could only come down.

With such universal name recognition, Dole was essentially the proxy incumbent in the race to succeed Jesse Helms.

Source: Winning Right, by Ed Gillespie, p. 39-40 , Sep 5, 2006

Liberty is the birthright of every soul

We still believe that character is king. We saw that lived out in the life of Ronald Reagan, who called an empire evil and won the Cold War. We still believe that liberty is the birthright of every soul. That’s why in Afghanistan women were freed from virtual slavery and given access to books and education and a future. That’s why in Afghanistan and Iraq the dark clouds of oppression have parted for 50 million people. And until they can clearly see the blue skies of freedom, we are standing by them!
Source: 2004 Republican Convention Speech , Aug 31, 2004

America is not selfish, self-centered, and self-obsessed

Our enemies in this war on terror say America is selfish, self-centered, self-obsessed. They do not know America. As Bush said, “If you want to help in the war on terror, love your neighbor. Love your neighbor.” Americans will cross town or cross the globe to help people they’ve never met and will never see again. If neighbors are hungry, we feed them; if a storm named Charley or Francis strikes, we help them. Serving others isn’t something Americans invented, but it is a calling we’ll always accept.
Source: 2004 Republican Convention Speech , Aug 31, 2004

Reaffirm timeless and unchangeable truths

In a single lifetime, I have seen Americans split the atom, abolish Jim Crow, eliminate the scourge of polio, win the Cold War, plant our flag on the surface of the moon, map the human genetic code, & belatedly recognize the talents of women, minorities, the disabled once relegated to the shadows. If we reaffirm these timeless and unchangeable truths, if we choose life and liberty, compassion and service, character and faith, we will honor those who came before us, and inspire the children of tomorrow.
Source: 2004 Republican Convention Speech , Aug 31, 2004

Despite two Cabinet posts, presidential bid failed badly

"If anything, Elizabeth is much more impressive than Hillary," says a top Senate aide. "Dole held two Cabinet jobs, ran a humanitarian organization with a multi-billion budget, also had the 'native daughter' issue--she had grown up in North Carolina and had been educated at Duke before going off to Harvard Law and Washington."

Hillary herself notes Dole's poise and intelligence, adding, "It's a strange twist of fate that we now both serve in the Senate."

But for all of Dole's competence and resume building, she was a disaster in her 2002 race for the presidency. There have been 33 women senators; at present, 14 senators are women. None of them save Hillary Rodham Clinton is a credible presidential aspirant.

Source: Madame Hillary, by R. Emmett Tyrell, p. 36 , Feb 25, 2004

1988: Gave religious testimonial at GOP Convention

For those not familiar with evangelical Christianity, the critical--indeed the only--question is "Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior?" Since the Christian right became a political power, conversion testimonials have become common fodder. By the 1988 Republican National Convention in Houston, Elizabeth Dole appeared before 2,000 delegates at Pat Robertson's prayer breakfast to share her salvation story, and no one blinked an eye.

Dubya's use of his religion for political purposes gives him a good leg up with evangelical voters. Poor Mrs. Dole is stuck with the story of her rise from perfunctory churchgoing--with "God neatly compartmentalized, crammed into a crowded file drawer of my life, somewhere between gardening and government." W. Bush had a far more dramatic tale--saved from a life of sin, drinking, womanizing (before marriage), and, by inference, drugs--all of which comes under the rubric "indiscretions of my youth."

Source: Shrub, by Molly Ivins, p. 60-61 , Oct 1, 2000

Set aside Sundays for spiritual and personal rejuvenation

From an early age I was active in the church. But as we move along, how often in our busy lives something seems to get in the way of a more than ritualistic faith. In my case, it was career.

Sunday had become just another day of the week. Gradually, I realized that although I was blessed with a beautiful marriage and a challenging career, my life was close to spiritual starvation. I prayed about this and God led me to the people and the experiences that would transform my life.

I joined a spiritual growth group at a Methodist church. Soon I was sharing feelings that I would never have expressed to White House colleagues. I’ve also discovered that Sundays can be set aside for spiritual and personal rejuvenation without disastrous effects on your work week. With our frenetic schedules, Sunday is more precious than ever to Bob and me. In the morning we go to the services at Foundry Methodist. Later we might have brunch with friends or just relax with the Sunday papers and a good book.

Source: The Doles: Unlimited Partners, p. 215-17 , Jan 1, 1988

Crusade for a rebirth of our values

Dole said that a president should use the White House as a ‘bully pulpit’ to show the difference between right & wrong. “We have lost touch with a universal set of rights and wrongs,” Dole said. “While the soundness of the economy is very important. we need to reaffirm those basic values. We have to lead a crusade across America.” If elected, Dole said she would lead the way to “a rebirth of our values.” She pointed to student test scores and youth drug use as evidence of a fraying of the social fabric
Source: Mike Glover, Associated Press , Aug 2, 1999

Economic health masks serious societal problems

Dole talked at length about the importance of bedrock values for both the presidency and the American family. Dole promised to “always tell it like it is” and said the nation’s economic health masks serious societal problems. She mentioned such problems as illiteracy, lack of school discipline, teen drug abuse, burdensome taxes and a deficit in basic American values, such as civility and personal responsibility. The nation needs a rebirth of values, Dole said, pledging to lead by example.
Source: Jonathan Roos, Des Moines Register , Jul 25, 1999

Brings ‘courageous conservatism’ via courage of convictions

“I think people want straight talk. They want people with the courage of their convictions. That’s what I call courageous conservatism and that’s what I’m bringing to the table.”
Source: Boston Sunday Globe p. A-22 , Jun 13, 1999

Restore integrity in our government

We are a good and great nation, and we must demand a government with the integrity to inspire trust and straightforward strength to keep us free. At a time when the presidency has been tarnished, when words have been devalued and institutions have squandered respect, our confidence in our leaders is shaky. But we can rebuild it.... If our leaders are not worthy, we have the power to elect leaders who are.
Source: Manchester Chamber of Commerce, NH, Feb.8,1999 , Feb 8, 1999

Voted YES on confirming Samuel Alito as Supreme Court Justice.

Vote on the Nomination -- a YES vote would to confirm Samuel A. Alito, Jr., of New Jersey, to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.
Reference: Alito Nomination; Bill PN 1059 ; vote number 2006-002 on Jan 31, 2006

Voted YES on confirming John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Vote on the Nomination (Confirmation John G. Roberts, Jr., of Maryland, to be Chief Justice of the United States )
Reference: Supreme Court Nomination of John Roberts; Bill PN 801 ; vote number 2005-245 on Sep 27, 2005

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