Rod Paige on Education

Former Secretary of Education (Pres. Bush Cabinet)

No nation can sustain greatness unless it educates all

We inherited a great nation. So must our children! No nation whatever the size of its armed forces or economy can sustain greatness unless it educates all, not just some, of its citizens. No one understands that better than Bush. He’s always had a compassionate vision for education: Students challenged by high standards; teachers armed with proper resources; parents empowered with information and choices; young adults with meaningful diplomas in their hands not despair in their hearts.
Source: 2004 Republican Convention Speech , Aug 31, 2004

No Child Left Behind is working

The No Child Left Behind Act raises the bar for all students no matter their race or income level. It challenges what Bush calls the soft bigotry of low expectations. Its goal is simple: all students read & do math at grade level. States, not Washington, set the standards. Schools that need assistance get assistance. Support for education under Bush has gone up 36 percent with more funds requested for disadvantaged students than during the entire Clinton administration. No Child Left Behind is working.
Source: 2004 Republican Convention Speech , Aug 31, 2004

All across America test scores are rising

All across America test scores are rising; students are learning; the achievement gap is closing; teachers and principals are beaming with pride! Bush also increased Pell Grants funding so one million more young adults can afford college. We say, do not underestimate our public schools do not underestimate our teachers and never underestimate our children! We say high standards, accountability and achievement are on the right track and we’re not going back!
Source: 2004 Republican Convention Speech , Aug 31, 2004

No Child Left Behind: flexible non-extreme framework

  1. Bush’s proposed program, No Child Left Behind is, as the President has described it, “a framework from which we can all work together -- Democrat, Republican, and Independent-to strengthen our elementary and secondary schools.” This means that within the context of principles like accountability for results, choice for parents and students, and flexibility for schools and teachers, we are open to your ideas on how to meet our shared goals.
  2. No Child Left Behind is bold and ambitious, but it is not extreme in any sense of the word. Rather, it builds very deliberately on existing efforts at the Federal, State, and local levels to use standards, assessments, accountability, flexibility, and choice to improve the quality of education for all of our children.
  3. It is uncomfortably clear that our system of elementary and secondary education is failing to do its job for far too many of our children -- a failure that the American people will no longer tolerate.
Source: Senate testimony, “No Child Left Behind” , Feb 15, 2001

Decentralize & focus on instruction & accountability

Secretary Paige coauthored “A Declaration of Beliefs and Visions,” a statement of purpose and goals for his school district that called for fundamental reform through decentralization, a focus on instruction, accountability at all levels, and development of a core curriculum. A Declaration of Beliefs and Visions was the catalyst that launched an ongoing, comprehensive restructuring.

He launched a system of charter schools that have broad authority in decisions regarding staffing, textbooks, and materials. He saw to it that teachers were paid salaries competitive with those offered by other large Texas school districts. Paige made [his Houston district] the first school district in the state to institute performance contracts modeled on those in the private sector. He also introduced teacher incentive pay, which rewards teachers for outstanding performance and creative solutions to educational problems.

Source: Education Department web site, “Secretary’s Bio” , Feb 3, 2001

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