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WNBA players endorsing opponent is "cancel culture"

In 2010, Loeffler became a co-owner of the Atlanta Dream--the WNBA's Georgia-based team. The league's players openly endorsed her opponent in the middle of the season. Loeffler responded to the players' bold move of supporting her opponent by accusing them of being "more concerned with playing politics than basketball."

"This is just more proof that the out of control cancel culture wants to shut out anyone who disagrees with them," she added.

Source: Business Insider on 2019-20 Georgia 2-year Senate race , Nov 6, 2020

Donated maximum $2800 to Trump recount fund

When asked for a response to the president's statements about the election and Georgia's role in it, Sen. Kelly Loeffler's office directed media inquiries to the senator's Tweet, posted before he spoke at the White House, in which she said she is "praying for four more years of Donald Trump." The AJC has learned that Loeffler has also donated the maximum $2,800 contribution to the Trump campaign's "Recount Account," a fund designated for financing post-election recounts and election contests.
Source: Atlanta Journal-Const. on 2019-20 Georgia 2-year Senate race , Nov 5, 2020

Atlanta's "most expensive real estate transaction ever"

[Called] "Descante," the 15,000-square-foot mansion that Loeffler and her husband bought in 2009 for $10.5 million, was the "most expensive real estate transaction ever in the city of Atlanta."

Here's how Atlanta magazine described "Descante," Modeled in the style of an old European estate, Descante is a stucco, steel, and limestone structure that boasts Versailles parquet in the dining room, a library with a secret passage to the living room, and a nineteenth-century pool house from France.

Source: Jezebel.com on 2019-20 Georgia 2-year Senate race , Nov 5, 2020

Endorsed QAnon candidate for fighting "radical left"

Loeffler celebrated an endorsement from Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican congressional candidate who has voiced support for the QAnon conspiracy theory. The two appeared together at a campaign stop. The senator showered Greene with praise, calling her exemplary of "conservative values" and a warrior fighting the "radical left." "What impressed me with Kelly is I found out that she believes a lot of the same things that I believe," Greene said from behind a Loeffler campaign podium.
Source: Vanity Fair on 2019-20 Georgia 2-year Senate race , Oct 29, 2020

TV ad: She's more conservative than Attila the Hun

OPENING SCENE: A couple compares notes about Loeffler's conservative record backing Pres. Trump

WIFE: Did you know that Kelly Loeffler was rated the most conservative Senator in America?

HUSBAND: Yep, she's more conservative than Attila the Hun.

CUT TO SCENE: Headquarters of Attila the Hun, who was ruler of the Hunnic Empire during a reign of terror that pushed back Roman expansion and conquered vast parts of Asia and eastern Europe.

"Hmph-rr," Atilla says from a makeshift throne.

"Fight China, got it," answers a note-taker sitting at his feet.

"Hylt-grr," Atilla commands.

"Attack big government. Yeah," responds the lowly aide.

"Drr-schfl," Atilla answers.

"Eliminate the liberal scribes," translates the staffer, before turning to the camera. "Uh oh."

NARRATOR: "More conservative than Attila the Hun. Kelly Loeffler, 100% Trump voting record."

CUT TO SCENE: Kelly Loeffler with Donald Trump.

TEXT: Kelly Loeffler. Ranked most conservative Senator in America.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution AdWatch on 2020 GA Senate race , Sep 21, 2020

My first vote will be to end the impeachment sham

As Georgia's next United States senator, I will champion pro-life policies, protect our Second Amendment rights, and work for Georgians and all Americans to keep our country great. But my first vote--and arguably the most important one--will be to end the impeachment sham so that we can get back to work on the real challenges facing our great country.
Source: Bluffton Today on impeaching Trump , Dec 30, 2019

Impeachment "is a partisan exercise"

Loeffler said, "I had the opportunity to talk to some of my colleagues in Washington and start thinking about the process. But look, like I said, I think this is a partisan exercise that I hope we'll quickly move through and get back to the business of m
Source: Gwinnett Daily Post on impeaching Trump , Dec 29, 2019

Impeachment: no evidence, no crime

Loeffler said, "I think it is important that we get back to work for our country," Loeffler said. "I don't think the case has been made for impeachment. I don't think there is evidence. I don't see a crime. But what I am going to do is work with my colleagues in the Senate and make sure that we follow due process as appropriate to the Constitution. And then get back to work."
Source: Augusta Chronicle on impeaching Trump , Dec 23, 2019

Will abide by Senate ethics rules, won't address conflicts

She faces questions about whether she'll serve on committees that oversee the financial industry or cast votes that could influence her husband's company or the Bakkt cryptocurrency firm she runs. Loeffler said she would abide by Senate ethics rules but would not say how she planned to manage her finances or whether she would sit out votes that could influence her business. Nor would she say whether she would pursue positions on committees that have oversight over the financial industry.
Source: Atlanta Journal-Const.on 2019-20 Georgia 2-year Senate race , Dec 10, 2019

Strongly protect religious liberty, according to AFA survey.

Loeffler supports the AFA survey question on religious liberty

The AFA inferred whether candidates agree or disagree with the statement, 'Religious liberty is at risk in the United States and deserves the highest level of protection in the law'? Self-description: (American Family Association helps produce iVoterGuides): "Grounded in God; rooted in research"; they "thoroughly investigate candidates"; when they cannot "evaluate with confidence, they receive an 'Insufficient' rating" (& we exclude)

Source: AFA Survey 20AFA-4A on Sep 11, 2020

Strongly pro-Judeo-Christian morality, according to AFA survey.

Loeffler supports the AFA survey question on Judeo-Christian values

The AFA inferred whether candidates agree or disagree with the statement, 'Judeo-Christian values established a framework of morality which is necessary for our system of limited government'? Self-description: (American Family Association helps produce iVoterGuides): "Grounded in God; rooted in research"; they "thoroughly investigate candidates"; when they cannot "evaluate with confidence, they receive an 'Insufficient' rating" (& we exclude)

Source: AFA Survey 20AFA-4B on Sep 11, 2020

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